After confessing his love to Bellimperia, Horatio sees her share an intimate moment with another man.

Fast paced & full of irony and gorgeous colours, "oops, I murdered the person the person i like likes" is a puppet show about scheming and vengeance.

Horatio, a servant, loves Princess Bellimperia. The feeling's not mutual: she's involved with a soldier, Andrea, and her father has promised her to Don Lorenzo, leader of the Spanish Army.

When Bellimperia sends Horatio to the front lines to deliver a letter to Andrea, he discovers that the two lovers are conspiring to kill Don Lorenzo.

 Horatio delivers a letter to Lorenzo, though it was intended for Andrea.

Horatio warns Lorenzo, who offers to grant him nobility... if he kills Andrea.

Sure, he's betraying his crush, but Horatio can get rid of his rival and equalize the class gap between him and the Princess. Everything should turn out sweet, right?

 The Portuguese army ambushes the  tercio  just as Horatio has second thoughts about murder.

When the Spanish Army falls into an ambush, and Horatio gets the opportunity to murder the person the person he likes likes, things so do not turn out sweet.

Based on Thomas kyd's "The Spanish Tragedy." the play Shakespeare ripped off to write "Hamlet."

this is the first time The Spanish Tragedy has been adapted to screen.

 Horatio travelling to warn Lorenzo.